Design Geometric

Geometric designs

Slide-Show: Large boss followed by four small bosses

The photos in the slide show contain the following types of geometric design:

a) Rows of "Dot in a Circle" Also used in Africa (e.g. Congo) and in Roman art.

b) Large Boss followed by four small bosses, followed by one large boss etc.

c) Rows of connected U or V elements with curls at the end. Typically in fine antique filigree work on Khanjars, silver gunpowder boxes, rings etc.

d) Central dot with several dots around it, typical for Dhofari silver

e)  Roundels based on hexagonal subdivision of a circle e.g. in a Sumt hanger.

f) Squares and diamonds, e.g. used on Koran-boxes form Nizwa

g) Row or triangles or waves

Subject: Geometric designs

Period: From prehistory till now

Origin: Geometric designs are used all over Oman, however the types of design can differ by region.

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