Design Figurative Human

Figurative Human design

Slide-Show: Abstract human figure (fertility symbol)

 Omani abstract Human design motif

Omani antique silver amulet with abstract human design

In the slide-show you find examples of:

a) Abstract Human shape (fertility symbols or Jinn) The human image is not allowed with the Suni Moslims,  however it is allowed with the Shia's Moslims) See also Ref 5.

b) Hand of Fatima / pointed finger

c) Heart

d) Humans on coins. Not allowed with the Suni Muslims. However the famous Arabist Snouck Hurgronje in his book Mekka tells us to his surprise that during the 19th century Venetian coins (with on one side a picture of the Venetian Doge and on the other side  the image of Jesus Christ) were very popular amulets for Arab women in  Mekka and Medina!! (in Oman we found several of these ancient Venetian coins on a set of antique earrings). In case of the common silver Maria Theresa thalers, Omani women typically put the side of the coins with the "Eagle"on front, so the human image is not displayed. Snouck Hurgronje (Abd el-Ghaffar) visited Mecca in 1885 and worked in the Dutch consulate in Djeddah.

Mecca Venetian coins with the image of Jesus Christ worn by Arab women in Medina

Antique Omani silver earrings with venetian coins

Ancient Venetian coins on these Omani earrings 

e) Exotic

f) Evil eye

Subject:  Figurative / Human designs

Period: used until recently

Origin: Used all over Oman

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  4. Snouck Hurgronje Mekka pages 166-167. The Dutch consulate in Djeddah was important in 1885 as huge numbers of Muslims from the Dutch Indies went on Hajj and frequently required assistance. Indonesia is still the most populated Muslim country.

Dutch youtube film about Islamic objects & art: