Design Arabic Writing

Arabic Writing design

Slide-Show: Koran texts

In the slide-show you find examples of:

a) Koran Texts

b) Magic Numbers

c) Names (owner or maker?)

d) Writing and Magic Squares

Subject:  Omani silver Design Arabic Writing

Period: used until recently

Origin: Used all over Oman. Large size amulets made of wood and containing Arabic texts were used even on ships in Zanzibar and Oman

  1. Craft heritage of Oman
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  4. For the large wooden amulets from Zanzibar see the Afrika museum in Berg and Dal Netherlands
  5. The peoples of Zanzibar, their customs and religious beliefs by Godfrey Dale, universities mission to central Africa  Westminster London 1920. Page 38-44. He writes on page 38 "Belief in witchcraft and magic seems to be universal amongst the people of Africa, and even in Zanzibar and Pemba in spite of the presence of Islam, has a very strong hold on the minds of the people.  Mohammed himself evidently believed in it, is said to have suffered from the consequences of it, and to have been given the last chapters of the Koran in order to enable him to recover from these consequences. In fact these two last chapters are considered  to be of great value as a preservative against witchcraft, and are constantly inscribed on talismans or recited for this purpose etc."