Designed for Sound

Designed for Sound or Smell

Slide-Show: Lid of coffeepot contains "pebbles" for sound

 In the slide-show you find examples of design for "sound" :

a) Elbow rings with stone inside (sound for dancing)

b) Anklets with stones inside  (sound for dancing)

c) Coffee pot (sound to warn someone tempering with the coffee??)

d) Wooden Shoes with bells  (sound to warn lady coming?)

c) Toe-rings with bells (sound for dancing or to warn lady coming?)

In the hot sweaty climate of Oman people pay a lot attention to smell. This includes of course the use of perfumes and of course burning Incense.

What people often do not realize is that the wearing of silver in particular on the body also reduces the smell of transpiration. The most important working substance  in Western deodorants is silver oxide!!Omani antique sivler coffeepot with small stones in its lid

Omani antique silver coffee pot with little stones in its lid

Subject : Designed for sound or smell

Period: Until now

Origin: Used all over Oman

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