Design for Kids

Design for Kids (miniatures)

Slide-Show: I have never seen another one. The shield has just like the large shields been made form Rhino skin.
Traditionally children were treated as small adults (also in the West) Consequently dress,  jewellery and other products were made in miniature size for children. In the photo slide-show you find the following examples:

a) Rhino skin shield for a small boy (diameter approx 17 cm versus 30 cm for an adult one)

b) Baby size traditional earring (very old) and only .. cm long.

c) Children's necklace  and only long

d) Miniature brass pot

e) Miniature Bracelet (Kamar)

f) Children loaded with silver (photo by Zwemer)

We only have a small number of examples and regret we did not collect more of these often very old items. Also museums in Oman and books on Omani silver / antiques pay no attention to this interesting category.

Subject:  Omani antiques Designed for kids

Period: Until 1900

Origin: Oman Zanzibar