HvWO 118II

Antique Omani silver fire-striker (extremely rare)

Antique Omani Firestriker

Very Rare Omani men are not supposed to wear jewelry, however they are allowed to wear weapons, hence weapons were adorned to become a form of jewelry!

Fire is drawn by striking it against a flint (when striker made of iron / steel) A very beautiful silver fire-striker with a beautiful silver chain (used as a talisman? )

We have never come across another antique silver fire-striker! However ref 2 page 456 item 122  has two iron flint strikers with old silver chains (also extremely rare) See photo slide-show for a photo / postcard  from around 1900 with a lady wearing a similar chain (without the fire-striker)

Antique Omani silver firestriker


Arab names: Malbaq / Mudrabah

Period: 1750-1880

Origin: Oman Zanzibar

  1. National Museum Highlights 2016 page 64 An identical chain on  a silver khanjar belt is shown (excluding the fire-striker).
  2. Robert Elgood. The Arms and armour of Arabia page 46-48.
  3. Craft heritage of Oman Neil Richardson & Maria Dorr Volume 2 page 456 illustration. 122