HvWO 137

Traditional Omani antique silver Saidi Khanjar / dagger



Rare complete antique four ring khanjar. With a lot of gold-threat.




Antique Omani silver khanjar

Antique Omani khanjar

 Antique Omani silver khanjar

Arab name: Khanjar

Period: 1850-1920: Saidi Khanjar ; Omani Khanjar

Origin: Oman Zanzibar

  1. Silver jewellery of Oman by Jehan S Rajab 1997 p 26 (in the middle)
  2. Ernst Hieke, zur geschichte des Deutschen handels mit Oastafrika Teil 1 Wm Oswald & Co" page abb 40 1939. Earliest picture of Sultan Madjid with a Saidi khanjar
  3. Charles Buttin Le catalogue de la collection d'armes anciennes, européennes et orientales"1933 This khanjar is identical to the khanjar numbered 980. This collection was collected mostly before 1900. He describes this type of khanjar as very rare.

Antique Omani khanjar Buttin