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Antique Omani bossed silver bracelets

Antique Oman silver bracelets named banagiri muschawwaka

Scarce bossed bracelets banagiri muschawwaka. Matching pair. (High Quality) Purpose: female jewelry / bracelet, heavy pieces also used for investment / savings. Diameter 7 cm Total weight 320 gram. Bossed bracelets of one sort or another were worn throughout Oman.Some believe that these were originally fertility bracelets, with the bosses representing breasts.  These bracelets were typically worn by married women or girls form the age of fourteen.

antique Omani silver bracelets

Arab names: Banagiri bu nujum (bracelets with hemispheres / stars )  / Banagiri mefolic  (young girl with round breasts)

Period: 1850-1900

Origin: Oman

  1. Oman Adorned by Pauline Shelton  Robert Richmond / Apex London 1997 p 111
  2. Silver jewellery of Oman by Jehan S Rajab 1997 p 32
  3. British Museum on-line collection  number 2009,6023.9-10 Weight 142 and 146 grams. Diameter 6.2 cm Width 4.2 cm