Public hanging of Bushiri bin Salem al Harthi by the Germans in December 16 1889

Public hanging of Bushiri bin Salem al Harthi East Africa

Public hanging of Bushiri bin Salem al Harthi by the Germans in December 16 1889. Bushiri┬┤s remaining fighters joined Bwana Heri , who was attacked two more times by the German army.

After pressure by The Sultan of Zanzibar Bwana Heri surrendered himself to the Germans ( and was not executed)



Execution Bushiri

Public hanging of Bushiri by the Germans

Background to the hanging of Bushiri

As mentioned before the revolt was started because the Arabs lost power and influence to the Germans and even their own Sultan in Zanzibar did not protect them against the German invaders.  At some point  Buschiri had kidnapped two Germans Meyer and Baumann and enchained / shackled them in his plantation named Mundo. A ransom of 10.000 Rupies was demanded for their release from the German company Hansing and co. Eventually they were released and taken on a boat  to Zanzibar. The kidnapping played an important role in the decision to hang Bushiri. The other leader of the revolt Bwana Heri was not executed. The Arab revolt confirmed the German government that the DOAG would not be able to run / defend the East African territory on its own.  Which effectively resulted in East Africa becoming a German Colony including protection by the German army.

Ref 3 contains a drawing based on this photo.

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