HvWO 042I

Antique Omani silver choker named Makhnak (pearl of the neck). Small childrenĀ“s version! Very old piece of Omani jewelry.

Makhnak Antique Omani silver necklace


Very Rare miniature Omani MAKHNAK choker / necklace (pearl of the neck) Children's version. All Omani chains, necklaces and rings exist in children's versions (but extremely rare to find) This jewellery for children is worn to avoid the evil eye. Note that the silver chains are backed by textile. The central bead is made of resin or wood and covered with gold leaf. Length including hooks 25 cm and 2,5 cm wide.


Antique Omani silver miniature necklace  

Arab names: Makhnak / Makhnaq (pearl of the neck) / Makhinak

Period: 1850-1930

Origin: Oman

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