Single Omani antique silver elbow-ring (with evil eye design)

Omani antique silver Bracelet

Common Omani  silver Bracelet. Designed against the evil eye. Contains little stones to make sound while dancing. Elbow rings were worn just above the elbow under the clothes and have little silver balls or stones in them that rankle when moving the arm. Elbow rings are very varied in patterns.  This elbow-ring was clearly worn for amuletic purposes and were worn for protection against the "evil eye" The upper arm was a place where amulets were sometimes tied. It was also said that the rattle of the elbow-rings had a practical side: the men of the family could hear where the woman was and a stranger would be warned of her approach. Diameter outside 11 cm.

Antique Omani silver bracelet

Arab names: Adud / Shilal / Kharkash / Kitah / Zand (meaning upper arm)

Period: 1850-1950Origin: Oman: Batinah region and or Sharqiyah. Carter ref 3 page 113 says they are specifically from Rustaq in Oman However similar bracelets are still made in Iran and the design extends to Baghdad as well.

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