HvWO 118b

Large antique Omani wooden powder-box (plain decoration)

Antique Omani wooden powderbox


Rare (complete) large Omani wooden gunpowder box (plain) This gunpowder box was used to put the powder into the barrel. Subsequently a piece of cloth or wad of fibre with the bullet was put into the barrel with a rod.

This type of wooden gunpowder box is based on similar shape gunpowder boxes made in Europe (from leather) in Europe (e.g. Portugal) during the 17th century. Rare to find complete with the original brass cap. Length 30 cm.  

Omani wooden gunpowderbox

Wooden gunpowder box with a brass measure

Arab name: Qra; (gunpowder in Arabic and Persian is Barut)

Period: 1750-1850

Origin: Oman Zanzibar

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