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Antique Omani brass / bronze gun powder measures

Antique Omani brass / bronze powder measures

Very rare adjustable powder measure and two more common simpler ones (not adjustable) The slide-show contains photos of three brass / bronze Omani powder measures:

a) Unusual brass powder measure, that can be adjusted in size

b) Regular powder measure with eye on top

c) Powder measure without eye.




Antique Omani powder measure Antique Omani powder measureAntique Omani powdermeasureAntique Omani powder measure


Arab name: Wazni-I-Barut.

Period: 1700-1880

Origin: Oman

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  2. Stone Glossary use of Arms and Armor 1934 page 665 has very similar powder measures however they are mostly made of steel and inlaid with gold or silver Persian designs
  3. J.L. Carter Tribes in Oman Peninsular publishing 1982 page 20
  4. Oman and its Renaissance  by Sir Donald Hawley Stacey International London 1987 page 145 photo with similar item
  5. Volkerenkundig Museum Leiden Similar item Inventory 4470-59. However wrongly described as being a measure for opium?????