HvWO 078II

Antique Omani silver neck-piece of the Shabka headdress

Silver and leather neckpiece

Common Omani silver Neck-piece made from woven goat leather straps and silver appliqu├ęs (najm).

Worn by Bedouin women in combination with the Shabka


Antique Omani silver shabka

Antique Omani bedouin dress

Arab name: Bib

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Northern and Central Oman (Bedouin)

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  4. British Museum has a similar item in their on-line collection number 2009.6023. 246 length 47 cm Width 11 cm Collar made of dark brown woven goat-leather onto which is stitched seven rows of silver studs. Six dome-shaped beads are fastened across the centre on the back. The edge of the collar is embellished with plain and stamped silver discs and one Belgian fifty-cent coin dated 1909 from the reign of King Leopold II. Six tube-shaped silver beads with granulated decoration are threaded on leather thongs on the front-ends of the collar. It is worn across the top of the shoulders and is secured at the front by two long brown cotton cords hanging from the ends of the collar. This type of collar is usually worn with a similarly decorated leather head-dress (see 2009,6023.245) by the Bedouin women of northern Oman (e.g. Bidiyah and areas in the Wahiba Sands)
  5. Traditional silver jewelry and handicrafts from Oman by Jean Greffioz 2009 (privately published) page 17 fig 2.2 has photo with a similar item.