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Antique Omani cash box

Antique Omani writing box

Scarce Omani cash-box. Cash-box is the name given to Arab chests less than 60 cm long, fitted with an internal framework containing small individual compartments. Cash boxes are derived from western writing boxes.  Sometimes they are also called pearl chests. The eye motif  in the shape of a flower is highly unusual on a cash-box but it is very common on Omani dhows! See ref 4 page 47 for same symbol on a dhow! Cash or Writing box with:

  • Wood: Probably teak 
  •  Rose design in a circle on top. Fine similar design on old Omani ships (see book Seafarers of the Gulf p 47 "eye in the shape of a flower" ) and Omani doors.
  • Western style hinges
  • Contents of box  identical to the box shown in Arab Chests by Unwin on the bottom right on page 101
  • Size 47 cm  by 28 cm and 18 cm high.

Arab cashbox


Omani Cashbox


Name: Antique Omani cash box

Period: 1850-1930

Origin: Oman Zanzibar

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