Fort Al Mirani in Muscat 1933

Fort Al Mirani Muscat 1933

Photo of fort Al Mirani taken in 1933 by a British naval officer during a visit of HMS Duncan to Muscat. Name of the officer not known.

The fort was built by the Portuguese.


Fort Al Mirani Muscat

Antique photo of Fort Mirani Muscat Oman, the original flag of Oman was plain red

Fort Mirani history

The Italian architect Carlos Cairate, who had previously designed Fort Jesus at Mombassa (see Zanzibar section of our website) was sent to Muscat to built Fort Mirani. The new fort was completed in 1588 by captain Belchior Calaca in 1588. At later stages new elements were added to the fort.  Sultan Qaboos added a new tower to conceal a lift to the fortress. During restoration work in the 1970´s the lower gun platform was razed in order to build a road to the new naval base in Mukalla cove. 

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