Masked Baluchi ladies in Muscat by A.R. Fernandez 1901

Masked Muscat ladies Postcard by Fernandez 1901

Postcard with photo of Baluchi women with masks in Muscat by A.R. Fernandez 1901.

Original inscription in pencil on the back of the postcard: "what about falling in love with one of these" . Not a strange comment, it happened to the German Rudolph Ruete who fell in love with the Omani princess Bibi Salme in Zanzibar! 




Antique postcard woman Oman

Antique postcard woman Muscat Oman

Postcard details

Two women wearing Omani jewelry! Printed on Germany. These cards are very rare. The same photo was also used years later in an article in the New-York Times in 1916 (see below)  It was also used in the article Notes on Oman by S.M. Zwemer in 1911 (Ref 2) page 95 with the title "native women in Oman, the heavy silver anklets, ear-rings, bracelets and nose jewels are typical , as is also the peculiar veil worn over the face"

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