HvWO 027

Antique Omani silver bracelet (unusual silver jewelry design in Oman)

Antique Omani bracelet.

Rare high quality antique Bedouin bracelet made of high grade silver with Maria Theresia Thaler in front. Rare to find such a bracelet in this fine quality. This type is more common to Yemen  however the quality silver and the type of detailed workmanship  clearly indicates Oman and is superior to the work from Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Diameter 7 cm. Weight 810 grams.

Antique Omani silver bracelet

Arab name: "Antique Omani bracelet"

Period: 1850-1900

Origin: Oman Bedouin

  1. Bedouin jewelery in Saudi Arabia by Heather Ross   p 84-85 (poor sand-cast copy of such a bracelet)
  2. World of Bracelets 2002  by Anne van Cutsem page 140 Yemen Hadramawt