British consulate in Muscat and Customs House 1943

British Consulate in Muscat seen from HMS enterprise in 1943


View of the British consulate / embassy and the Omani Customs house in Muscat. Photo taken by staff of HMS Enterprise in 1943. Name of photographer unknown.


 Antique photo British Consultate Muscat

 Antique photo British Consulate Muscat

The British consulate in Muscat

Picture of the British Consulate Embassy. On the right of the consulate we see the Customs House which was built by the Portuguese around 1625 with in front the customs quay. To disembark with small boats onto the crumbling customs jetty was very difficult. In this region without hotels or public guest-houses, the consulates took care of travelers from Europe.  Occasionally the local sheik or Sultan invites visitors to stay.

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