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Yemenite or Southern Omani coffeepot

Omani or Yemenite coffeepot


Rare type of coffee pot is occasionally found in southern Oman, Yemen and on Zanzibar. Height 18 cm Diameter 10 cm weight 350 grams. In the reference Jews of Yemen page 26 / 27 item 2,3 there are copper (coffee) pots that look a bit similar. Similar one but with simpler decoration in the British Museum Ingrams collection that was bought in the Yemeni Hadramawt in the 1930´s.


Name: Coffeepot

Period: 1850-1940?

Origin: Possibly  Yemeni or Omani  (item was purchased in Muttrah souq during the early 1980´s ) Very similar to Ottoman and Yemeni coffee-pots. Probably from Yemen or Salalah in southern Oman. Also found in Zanzibar (see below).

  1. British Museum Harold Ingrams collection BM on-line collection number 2012,6030.129 Height 25 cm, diameter 15 cm weight  593 grams.
  2. In the book Highlights of the Israel Museum collection: The Jews of Yemen
  3. Arab & Islamic Silver by Saad Al-Jadir 1981   Stacey International  page 34 (example of a Turkish coffee-pot)
  4. Tropenmuseum Amsterdam invent AM-17-728 Same design, larger but less ornate. obtained by Congregatie van de Heilige Geest in Zanzibar 30 cm high Diameter 17cm
  5.  The Thesiger Collection  buy Motivate publishing Dubai. Contains 1948 photo of a Saar boy with a similar coffee-pot.