Zanzibar town photo Panorama view HH The Sultan HH The Royal palace (postcard)

Zanzibar Town photo Panorama view 1906

Coutinho Brothers Photographers Zanzibar no 2. (issued by Union Postale Universelle) Panorama postcard with size: 9 by 28 cm. See Evans page 16 (published between 1902 and 1906)

 antique photo Zanzibar panorama



The panorama postcard contains three views:

  • Early panoramic view of Zanzibar stone town, across the fort towards the cathedral. Compare with the earliest photos of Zanzibar stone-town  in my collection 
  • Picture of the Sultan Sheikh Sir Hamoud bin Mohammed Al-Said who died in 1902
  • The palace "house of wonders" reconstructed after the bombardment by the British (The postcard has manuscript text above the panoramic view)

The Coutinho brothers established one of the first commercial photographic enterprises on the island of Zanzibar, some time in the 1870´s. Probably of Portugese origin, little is known of their lives.

  1. Early postcards of Zanzibar by P.C. Evans page 16