HvWO 068I

A pair of antique Omani silver Nizwa-anklets with arabesque design on the back (very old Omani jewelry)

Two antique Omani antal anklets form Nizwa

Very rare antique pair of very old "Nizwa anklets"  with also arabesque designs on the back of the anklet (this is only the case on very old anklets) Extremely rare find with the arabesque design on the back with the "ever turning flowers" You find this design also on early silver decorated swords, khanjars and guns from the 19th century.  

The inside is rounded and the outside has a rounded decorated "panel" This flattish side was worn on the inside towards the other leg. The anklet is opened half way the panel and fastened with a large silver pin. Measure inside 7 cm outside 12 cm. Weight 700 grams.

Antique Omani silver anklet

Arab name: Natal / Mutal  / Antal (Carter) /Hijil / Menagiri

Period: 1850-1890

Origin: Nizwa area

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