HvWO 154II

Omani Baluchi Brass Rosewater sprinkler (onion shape body)

Rosewater Sprinkler


Rare Omani Baluchi Brass Rosewater sprinkler. In Oman traditionally after coffee has been served rosewater is sprinkled over the hands and sometimes over the heads of guests. Rosewater is made by putting crushed rose-petals in water, which is then left for several days to allow evaporation to strengthen the solution.  

Antique Omani brass rosewater sprinkler

Antique Omani Rosewater Sprinkler


Antique Omani Rosewater sprinkler

 Bottom of the Omani rosewater sprinkler

Arab Name: Omani Baluchi Brass Rosewater sprinkler

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Oman Baluchi, Zanzibar East Africa   Purchased in Nizwa

The use of medallions with abstract floral or animal designs in metal work may suggest that the design is originally derived from Persian metalwork. In Oman we used to find very fine antique brass containers and rosewater sprinklers with similar medallions containing floral designs but also funny cartoon like animals. Typically gazelles  and leopards and occasionally peacocks or elephants) However we also find brass containers  with just floral designs in the medallions

  1. Handwerk und industrie in Ost Afrika Hamburg 1910 by Franz Stuhlmann See also afb 75  p 131-132  Picture 75 contains a silver container with emblems containing flowers that was made in East Africa. The fact that abstract animals are used in the emblems on our plates may also suggest an origin outside Oman proper e.g. Zanzibar were Islamic rules were a bit more relaxed.
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