2003 The craft heritage of Oman (two volumes)

Craft Heritage Oman Vol 2


Two volume book with the title "Craft heritage of Oman" by Neil Richardson & Marcia Dorr and published by Motivate publishing Dubai / London 2003 (Published under the auspices of his highness Seyyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said) The book discusses  a broad range of items including pottery, Arab chests, silver, arms etc.



 The craft heritage of Oman

The craft heritage of Oman

Book Description: Scarce book. Omani craft heritage documentation project.  Excellent overview of the different types of traditional crafts in Oman including silver and some of techniques how they are made:   On the inside "flap" of the book-cover: "Rich and diverse the traditional craft industries of Oman are amongst the most important cultural survivals in the Arabian peninsula. Their origins can be traced back to manĀ“s earliest activities in the Gulf and Mesopotamia, and the innate resourcefulness of its people. Across the country and for many centuries, Omani have worked with raw materials available within their local environment and with those obtained through seaborne trade, to create objects of both functional utility and exquisite beauty.Until recently however there had been little research  into this fascinating  subject. It was also very apparent that the rapid development and modernization of the sultanate would pose real challenges to the survival of the countries craft industries.  The Omani craft heritage documentation project was therefore initiated in 1996 by His highness Seyyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said, with the aim of assessing and documenting the different types of crafts in all parts of the country. For the jirz-makers of Musandam to the the potters of Dhofar hundreds of craftspeople were interviewed, and their techniques and products carefully documented and photographed"