1982 Tribes in Oman by Carter

Tribes in Oman


Tribes in Oman by Carter.  Published by  J R L Carter / Peninsular Publishing London 1982. Still the only serious source on the tribes in Oman.




1982 Tribes in Oman by Carter



Common book. Contents 176 pages and many photos. Size 22 by 30 cm

Original dark maroon rexine cloth with gilt lettering on the spine, in fine unused condition and in complete dust wrapper.  Well illustrated throughout mainly in colour. Includes many pedigrees and family trees. Oman forms part of an area whose importance for the rest of the world has been emphasized by recent events. To understand the outlook and shape of its society, one must appreciate the nature of the tribes in Arabia. In Oman lies one of the richer areas for the study of tribal structure in the Peninsula. This volume draws heavily on the rapidly shrinking body of oral tradition. It reveals the flexibility and unique nature of tribal structure and relationships with the main, yet often misleading, division between nomads and townspeople. All the descents of the main groups in Oman are given as well as their links with other groups elsewhere in Arabia. In addition to the tribal structures, the book also outlines the tribes' way of life in the desert and the town, with attention given to their weapons, jewellery and parts of their folklore.