HvWO 060I

Single antique Omani Baluchi silver incised bracelet (Omani jewelry for a small child) or anklet

Engraved antique Omani silver bracelet

Very  Rare Miniature single crescent shaped bracelet made of high grade silver for a small child. These bracelets were worn by boys and girls. No pebbles inside this small type. Diameter inside 5 cm Height 1,5 cm Diameter 8 cm 30 grams. Compare with the one in the Harold Ingrams collection in the British Museum


antique Omani silver bracelet



Arab names: Kamar (moon)  / Sanka (Baluchi name)

Period: 1850-1940

Origin: Oman: Baluchi people in Muscat and Muttrah; Also similarities with incised bracelets from Yemen.

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  5. British Museum Harold Ingrams collection, collected in the 1930´s.  On line collection number 2012, 6030.47 Height 1,5 cm Diameter 5.7 cm, Weight 38 grams Dated 1930-1940. Cresent-shaped silver bracelets (qamr, literally 'moon') with ridged edges. Hollow and filled with small stones that rattle inside. Ornamented with chased decoration including dots, hatched lines and abstract floral motifs. Usually worn in pairs by children, both boys and girls, as bracelets and anklets and are particularly associated with Baluch people of Yemen and Oman.
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