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Omani gilded silver Nose-ring

Omani silver Nose-ring


Common Omani gilded silver Nose-ring. With fake coral bead. At puberty a girlĀ“s nose was perforated for the nose-ring she would wear once she was a married women. Diameter 3 cm Weight 2 grams. 


Antique Omani silver nosering


Arab name: Khashafa / Khasama

Period: 1950-1970

Origin: Oman Dhofar

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  2. Traditional silver jewelry and handicrafts from Oman 2009 by Jean Greffioz p43  photo 3.13
  3. British Museum  similar nose-ring in the on-line collection number 2012, 6010.175 from southern Oman Diameter 3.2 cm  4 grams. D-shaped nose-ring (khashafa or khazama) made of silver and ornamented on the straight edge of the "D" with a coral-coloured glass bead set between two tubular silver beads. The tubular beads are dome-shaped on one end and decorated with beaded wire.