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Two silver toe-pins for wooden sandals / shoes (very old)

Slideshow Two silver toe-pins for wooden shoes


Two very rare Omani silver toe-pins for wooden sandals (without bells) and without the shoes. The toe-pins were sold as kohl-pots in the Nizwa souq. Height 5 cm.


In the slide-show we have added a photo of a pair of antique Omani wooden sandals with similar silver toe pins. These sandals are discussed in more detail   in the "wood" section.

 antique omani wooden shoes silver toe-pins

Antique Omani silver toe-pins for Omani wooden shoes

Omani Name: Qurhaf (wooden shoe); Kabakib / Kubkah

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Oman or Zanzibar

  1. See the famous photo of Princess Bibi Salme wearing the shoes in Oman Adorned and other books for similar shoes.
  2. Craft heritage of Oman Neil Richardson & Maria Dorr Volume two page 463 illustration 167 (but with wooden toe-pins)
  3. Oman Exhibition Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam 2009 catalogue p 141.