Finely carved Omani wooden shoe

Finely carved Omani wooden shoe

Very rare finely carved Omani wooden shoe made  of rosewood the, however the toe-pin is missing.  Has nice palm-tree designs. The shape is different as the shoe plateau has a horizontal "bar" with triangle  engraving. While the previous set of shoes has three wooden triangles under the middle pf the plateau to give extra strength. Nowadays they are associated with the Turkish bath, however originally these shoes were also worn in the Harem and even on the street. Length 27 cm. 

Antique Omani wooden shoe

Antique Omani wooden shoe

Arab Name: Qurhaf

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Oman Zanzibar

During 18th /19th century also similar shoes (but different decoration) were used in Western India (named Paduka)often covered in silver or made of brass/bronze. See Bata shoe museum.

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