HvWO 196

Amulets with silver mounted wild animal teeth, coral, bottle stoppers etc.

Silver mounted amulets

Common Omani  amulets. The teeth of certain amulets were often used as amulets. A tooth talisman was in particular given to children. Note the child on the previous photo from around 1890 discussing the silver centrepiece. The girl is wearing bottle stoppers and animal teeth as amulets.



Antique Omani silver amulets


 a) Particularly valuable in Dhofar were the teeth of the Leopard. By wearing an animals tooth something of the ferocity and power of the animal was transferred to the child.

b) Hyena┬┤s teeth were also valued for sorcerers were believed to ride on the back the male hyena. 

c)  Foxes teeth were not valued by the mountain people however the Bedouin did sometimes use them.

The silver mount of the glass stopper has a Rostaq rose engraved on it.

Omanu silver amulet

                                                      Photo of Omani amulets in  "PDO News"


Arab Name: Mounted amulets

Period: 1850-1960

Origin: Oman incl. Dhofar

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