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Golden Nose-ring from Sur

Omani golden Nosering from Sur

Scarce Omani golden Nose-ring with large Turquoise stone and very fine filigree work. At puberty a girlĀ“s nose was perforated for the nose-ring she would wear once she was a married women. In the book Oman & its Renaissance by Sir Donald Hawley you can see on page 99 bottom a lady from Sur wearing an identical nose-ring.


Arab name: Khashafa / Khasama

Period: 1950-1970

Origin: Oman Sur

Antique Omani golden  nosering

  1. Oman Adorned by Pauline Shelton  Robert Richmond / Apex London 1997 p 70 bottom, 246
  2. Oman and its Renaissance  by Sir Donald Hawley Stacey International London 1987 page 99 photo bottom shows an old woman wearing a similar nose-ring.