1901 Article by Emile Alleman with 20 photos of Muscat taken by him in Le tour du Monde 1901 / 1898!

Large article on Muscat by Emile Allemann in Le tour du monde

Important article with 20 photos of Muscat and surroundings taken in 1898.  The title of the article is " Mascate Voyage execute a la fin de 1898 Dessins d´apres des photographies de l´auteur" .

The article is by Emile Allemann and was published in In Le Tour du monde Tome Vii nouvelle Serie 7e liv  16 Fevrier 1901.  Our slide-show includes the 20 important photos form the article!


 Old photo family Sultan of Oman

Details of the important article on Muscat by Alleman

This magazine is a fantastic source on Muscat and surroundings with over 20 (!)  good photo illustrations dating from 1898 and published in 1901. The large article covering several pages has been written by Emile Allemann who worked for the French navy and the fine photos have also been taken by him.  The article and photos give an excellent impression of Muscat and its surroundings at the end of the 19th century!

We have included most of the photos in the slide-show.  This magazine is not referred to in most books / reference lists on Oman. The article has also be translated into other languages e.g. in Dutch.

  1. Mascate Emile Allemann Le Tour du monde Tome VII nouvelle serie 7e liv 16 Fevrier 1901.
  2. Maskate Emile Allemann Dutch translation of reference 1 in De Aarde en haar Volken 1902.  page 193-204 Including some of the previous photos.
  3. Muscat gate Museum memoirs of history p 25,26 contains some photos of the first reference.