Bushiri bin Salim al Harthi arrested 1889

Bushiri bin Salim al Harthi arersted

 Bushiri bin Salim al Harthi arrested and chained by Askari on December 5 1889 in Pangani, he was the leader of the Arab revolt against the Germans. Bushiri's pistol is in the belt of one of the Ashkari.

 This photo probably was taken by Etienne Baur as Bushiri was more or less a friend. Baur played a key role in The negotiations between the Germans and the revolting Arabs. For many details see ref 2.

 The photo on the left  with Buschiri's arrest was also used for ref 3.


Antique photo arrest Bushiri

Very rare original photo of the arrest of Bushiri and being chained in Pangani 

Photo taken December 16 1889

Details to the arrest of  Bushiri bin Salim al Harthi

Rare and important original photo. Buschiri arrested and put  in chains and guarded by two Askari soldiers. One of the Ashkari wearing Bushiri´s pistol. A poor copy of this photo can be found in ref 2 volume 1 after page 142 (that image was copied from a photo in the Museum in Bagamoyo). Ref contains a drawing based on this photo.  According to Richelmann it was an African named Dunia who showed the German army the way to Bushiri´s camp in Nzole. He took revenge as Bushiri had chopped off both Dunia´s hands previously. The large German army attacking Bushiri´s camp in Nzole  formed a column that was  2 kilometers long!!

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