Heavily chained women in German East Africa

Chained forced laborers with Ashkari soldiers


Stereo photo with a group of chained women forced to carry heavy cans on their heads in German East Africa.

This photo was published by Keystone View Company Copyrighted Underwood & Underwood  / Meadville USA 1890-1900.


Chained women zanzibar

German Forced labour  East Africa

 Forced labour by the Germans in East Africa

Description: . The laborers are chained with a steel collar by their necks and are guarded by black Ashkari soldiers trained by and working for the German occupants. The Germans replaced Omani slavery of the black population by German forced labor. From the black populations perspective there was not much improvement. Each photo is approx 8 by 8 cm. The card measures 18 by 8,5 cm. The photo is number 38 of a series, not sure which series yet.


  1. Slavernij en bevrijding in Oost-Afrika in de 19e eeuw, Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal 2003