Omani Silver Zar belt

Adjustable Omani silver Zar belt

Very rare Omani silver belt. A woman sometimes acquired certain pieces of silver jewelry because of Spirit possession. This very finely made silver belt is used for the Zar ceremony to wear off the devil / djinns. The chain is made of finely braided silver, like a Mishal (see earrings section) Based on lock and pin principle. The lock with a very fine detailed design. The purpose of the Zar ceremony is to exorcise evil spirits. Compare the Black Masses, held in the past, in Christianity. For a description of the Zar process see the beginning of the amulets section. The communal Zar ceremony was conducted by a trained master who performed rituals using incantations, drums, singing, fire, blood and frankincense in order to exorcise evil spirits (Jinns) that possessed the patient causing her illness.

 Arab names: Zar  (plural of Zar is Zeeran). According to Zwemer (Ref 2) the word Zar means " A (sinister) visitor (zara yezuru) who makes his or her abode and so possess the victim"

Period: 1850-1900

Origin: Probably from Oman ( slight doubt in view of the lower silver content, in the flat components)