HvW1931a An Arab Lady

An Arab lady in Zanzibar

An Arab lady in Zanzibar


Postcard of an Arab lady A.R.P de Lord Zanzibar Printed in Germany.   Issued between 1928 and 1932. An Arab lady: note the bracelets, shoes and silver necklace.

 Antique postcard zanzibar

 Latest Arab fashion  

Identifying the shoes and Jewelry of the Arab lady

Arab / Swahili lady in Zanzibar. Please notice the following details:

  • The Omani wooden  shoes are comparable to the shoes HvWO 007 (in the wood section of our website) However our shoes have silver toe-pins. These shoes were for daily use and not for use in the Bathhouse as many Omani ladies currently believe.
  • The Omani bracelets are similar to the ones in our Silver Bracelets section : Bracelet made of silver wire with red glass beads.
  • The large Omani necklace is similar to the one in the Silver utensils section, titled a thorn tweezer on a very beautiful silver chain.
  1.  Early postcards of Zanzibar by P.C. Evans page 16