1875a Arabistan land of the Arabian Nights by Fogg Includes a description of Muscat and the souq by Perry Fogg in 1874

Auctioning of an antique sword in the Muscat souq


Perry Fogg was a traveler / tourist from Cleveland. His vivid description of Muscat on page 160-167 is interesting.

Published by Perry Fogg  / Dustin Gilman Chicago Ill. Cincinnati, Ohio 1875

This is a luxury issue in red binding, with heavily gilded edges and printed on good quality paper.


Arabistan description Muscat


Oman Muscat souq



Omani sword auction

The 1875 edition is scarce. Most interesting is his description of the unusual auctioning process  of an antique sword in the souq. The same method of auctioning still happened in Nizwa in the 1980´s. He also mentions that in Oman arms were handed down as heirlooms, and will only be parted with in case of an emergency!  See attached photos for the relevant text.