1680 Naukeurige beschrijving van Asie by Dapper

Dapper view Muscat 1680

Naukeurige beschrijving van Asie: behelsende de gewesten Mesopotamie, Babylonie, Assyrie, Anatolie of Klein Asie: beneffens eene volkome beschrijving van gansch gelukkigh, woest en petreesch of Steenigh Arabie. Na 't leven getekent en in koper gesneden. Author / publisher: Olfert Dapper / Jacob Meurs Amsterdam 1680

Book details:

Rare book. Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs, 1680.  Two parts in one. Folio. 2 leaves, 357 pages, 1 l, 324 pp, 2 leaves, one engraved frontispiece,  22 text engravings and a couple of double page prints. Contemporary full calf.. One of the finest Dappers ever published. Dr .Olfert Dapper (1636-1689) physician, geographical and historical scholar, was the author of a series of works dealing with Africa, America, and Asia. The present work described the Middle East with in the first part the countries of the ancient Mesopotamia and Assyria as Iraq. The second part is entirely devoted to Arabia. His works are of special importance because of the fine plates, which includes maps, plans and beautiful views and costumes.

Antique print of Muscat by Dapper 1680

Antique map of Arabia by Dapper 1680