Two young girls in Omani costume playing and a photo of the interior of the House of Wonders Zanzibar

Young girls in Omani costume Zanzibar

Two stereo photos with the titles:

a) Zanzibar Swahili women with a fetish (?)

b) Throne room of Sultan´s palace

In fact two young girls are wearing Omani masks, Omani wooden shoes, Omani antal anklets and one girl with a silver key around her neck as an amulet. The so called "fetish" is probably just a doll.

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Antique photo Omani girls

Stereo photos

Traditional stereoscopic photography consists of creating a 3D illusion starting from a pair of 2D images, a stereo-gram. The easiest way to enhance depth perception in the brain is to provide the eyes of the viewer with two different images, representing two perspectives of the same object, with a minor deviation equal or nearly equal to the perspectives that both eyes naturally receive in binocular vision.Each photo is approx 8 by 8 cm. The card measures 18 by 8,5 cm.

There also 2 stereo (vague) stereo photos known of the slave-market in Zanzibar dating form the 1860´s see e.g. the Winterton collection and the British Library.

  1. Abyssina to Zanzibar 1850s-1950s Catalogue of the photographic archive of the Winterton Africana collection Allsworth rare books 2003 page 119 item 53 nr 9