German soldier riding a Zebra East Africa 1890-1900

German soldier riding a zebra East Africa

The first photo shows a German soldier riding a zebra!  The second photo in the slide-show has a Zebra used as a transport animal. These photos have been produced from our original glass plates (negatives) Horses could not be used as they were killed by Tse Tse flies.



Antique photo German riding zebra

 antique photo German riding zebra

Background to the use of Zebras instead of horses

Domesticated Zebras were used due to a shortage of horses and donkeys. Also Horses were much more sensitive to insect bites than zebra´s. The Germans even tried painting there horses like zebra´s to avoid insect bites. Anatomically zebra´s are not really  fit for carrying heavy loads as their back is rather weak. Therefore the Germans tried to cross-breed zebra´s and Muscat-donkeys.  This photo was developed from an original glass negative in our collection.