Three glass negatives with scenes from East Africa and the Araberaufstand around 1890

German Photographer between East African fighters


Three original glass plates (negatives). One with a German photographer carrying his big camera between East African fighters.  Another with chained prisoners and another one with an unknown prisoner.  tent. The photos probably date from around 1890.  


 Photographer Ostafrika masai

German photographer between East African fighters!


Chained prisoners East-Africa

 Prisoners chained by the Germans, guarded by Askari soldiers


 Araberaufstand Ostafrika

Unknown chained prisoner of the Germans

Araberaufstand ostafrika

German Soldier holding early camera

Very rare photo (glass plate negative) that shows a German soldier holding an early camera between East African tribesmen. We have not yet identified the camera nor do we know who took the photograph.The Arab / Swahili man sitting on a little chair in the second photo is probably a chief. This photo was developed from an original glass negative in our collection.