People playing music in a village in Zanzibar around 1891-1897


People playing music in a village in Zanzibar using a large drum (a so called Ngoma or Vume) and a person playing what looks like a Zomari, a kind of clarinet that sounds like bagpipes. Size 12 by 17 cm. Photo taken by the photographer A. Bluhm.

Note the "snow-white Muscat -donkey"

Princess  Emily Ruete wrote in her 1886 memoirs about a trip form the palace to the plantations: "In the evening the snow-white donkeys , whose tails had been dyed with henna had been inspected. Those of the ladies who did not possess a riding donkey (namely the sarari) borrowed one from acquaintances and friends, or were supplied by my brothers and the eunuchs"

Antique photo Zanzibar musicians

Music being played on Zanzibar and a snow-white Muscat donkey

Zanzibari Music

People who lived in Zanzibar before the revolution always mention the constant sound of music. Singing, dancing etc. Many workers e.g. fishermen singing during their work. For an overview of musical instruments form Zanzibar see reference  page 399-411. Size 12 by 17 cm.

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