Zanzibar Stone-town fruit-market, around 1894 and one photo by J. Sturtz in 1888


Zanzibar Stone-town fruit-market next to the old fort.

Dating around 1894. One photo has the number "40" on it.

Size of both photos 7,5 by 10 cm but with very high resolution.


Antique photo Zanzibar fort

Sugar cane being sold on the market


 Antique photo Zanzibar fruit market

 Banana's and other fruits being sold on the market


 Zanzibar Fruit Market

The above photo of the Zanzibar fruit market was taken by J. Sturtz in 1888 (ref 2)

The market place was also the location for public executions. Wangemann (Ref 1 page 12) writes in 1888 that for many years no executions had taken place, but in December 1888 on two Sunday evenings many people were taken from the fort-prison and decapitated. Possibly the new sultan (he succeeded sultan Barghash in March) wanted to demonstrate his power or the increased criminality / unrest was the reason for the executions.

Antique photo Zanzibar market

Antique photo Zanzibar fruit market, not by Sturtz (photographer unknown)

Size 12 by 9,5 cm

The Zanzibar fruit market:

Two photos taken of the fruit-market in Zanzibar stone-town.The market was located close to the old fort, based on the old watchtower visible on the photo. The wares sold include sugarcane, bananas and coconut. Size of both photos 7,5 by 10 cm but with very high resolution.


  1. Land und Leute in Deutsch Ost Afrika Wangemann (text); Sturtz (photos) There is a second edition of  1890 and a third of 1894. No copy of the first edition is known: Maybe there is a relation of this first edition with of our set of 50 photos which are higher resolution variants of the Sturtz photos in the Wangemann book.
  2. Erinnerung an die Ostafrikanische Blockade und  meiner Reise an bord SMS Carola 1888-1890 (50 original photos, by naval officer J. Sturz, the album belonged to Emil Voelker and have his manuscript captions on the photos) Emil Voelker was on-board the SMS Carola during these events.