Zanzibar maps

Zanzibar Stone-town map and the Creek by Guillain 1846

Slideshow Map Zanzibar Stone-town by Guillain1846


Maps of Zanzibar. We have added these old maps between the photos to be able to orientate yourselves better in the old stone-town as  it is quite different from today.

Note the location of the fort, pavilion, palaces and the creek on the 1846 map by Guillain and also on our previous photo.


 Antique map Zanzibar


 Old layout of Zanzibar Stonetown and the Creek

The layout of Zanzibar Stone-town changed over time. Of particular interest is the Creek that largely separates Stone-town from the rest of the island during high tide (apart form a narrow land-stroke) During low tide it falls largely dry and people could cross it at a couple of points. The narrow land-stroke that connects stone with the rest of the island originally contained many graves. On the previous 1875 photo the old creek is visible in the distance.

The attached map by Guillain shows the creek as it was in 1846.  During the 20th  century the Creek area was largely used for building activities. In the slide-show you also find a sketch  of the complete island according to a guide from 1939.

  1. Guillain Voyage a la cote orientale d´Afrique execute pendant les annees 1846, 1847, 1848. Sous le commandement  de M. Guillain capitage de fregate. Publie par ordre du gouvernement.