1910 Article describing a trip in the interior of Oman in 1910 including Nizwa, Bahla Fort, Jabreen, and Rostaq Fort.

Photos by S.B. Miles Nizwa, Bahla Fort, Jabreen, and Rostaq Fort.


Article by S.B. Miles describing a trip in the interior including several photos and a large map.

It was published in the  1910 issue Geographical Journal of the Royal Geographical society London pages 159- 178; 400-425. 





Old photo Jabreen palace

Photo of Jabreen palace by Miles 1910

S.B. Miles exploring Oman

This article describes a trip by S.B. Miles in Oman. It contains early photos of Oman including photos of Bahla Fort, Jabreen Fort, Rostaq Fort and the House of Seyyi Hamood Azzan also in Rustaq.

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