1902 S.M. Zwemer Three journeys in Northern Oman

Omani children Silver amulets Photo by S.M. Zwemer


The Omani children on the photo taken by S.M. Zwemer are wearing lots of silver jewelry including Koran boxes, nose rings, anklets, amulets etc. This was done to protect them from the evil eye!  





Missionary Zwemer Exploring Oman

S.M. Zwemer was a missionary of the Dutch reformed church of America. He describes three journeys in this article:

  1. May 1900 he crossed from Sharka on the Persian Gulf to Shinas and Sohar via Waddi Hitta
  2. Feb 1901 he travelled along the Pirate Coast from Abu Thabi to Sharka
  3. May 1901 he travelled across the North of Oman from Abu Thabi to Sohar via Buraimi
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