1914 Sea battle in Zanzibar involving the German ship Konigsberg and the British Pegasus (postcard and photo)

The German ship Konigsberg attacks and sinks the British Pegasus in 1914
In the early morning of 20 September 1914, Pegasus was anchored in Zanzibar harbour, having left her battle-group, which included Hyacinth and Astraea, to attend to boiler and engine problems. The German light cruiser SMS Königsberg launched a surprise attack on the ship. Out ranged and out-gunned, Pegasus was incapacitated within eight minutes, and the captain—Commander Ingles—struck the colours to avoid further bloodshed. The ship sank later that day, with 38 lives lost and 55 wounded

Background to the sea-battle:

The hospital ship Gascon and Scottish ship Clan Macrae came to the aid of the survivors of the Pegasus. Although Königsberg had suffered no hits or casualties, Looff′s plans to continue the offensive were soon cut short. One of her main engines failed. The British were watching the port of Dar es Salaam so she had to return to the Rufiji River delta to await the overland transport of spare parts. The British soon discovered Königsberg′s location and blockaded her. They damaged her beyond repair in the Battle of Rufiji Delta when they were able to bring up the monitors HMS Mersey and Severn.The first postcard is based on an unknown drawing / Photochemie Berlin 2841

Zanzibar  Pegasus Konigsberg 1914

                                                                 Konigsberg & Pegasus 1914


Sunken ship Konigsberg

                                                     Sunken ship Konigsberg?
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