Muscat Harbour

Muscat harbour around 1890

Includes the old Bayt al Alam palace and Mirani fort

Photo taken around 1890 of Muscat harbour incl Bayt al Alam palace, Bait Greiza and fort Mirani. Mediocre quality, but lots of interesting details. Photographer unknown.


 Muscat old al Alam Palace 1890

The Sultan's old Al Alam palace in Muscat

Bayt Al Alam palace around 1890

Photo of Muscat harbour taken last years of the 19th century. From left to right we see:

  1. Harem of Bayt Al Alam (sultan´s palace)
  2. Rest of Bayt al Alam
  3. Bayt al Barza
  4. The next white building, lighting up from the sunlight is Bait Greiza. Bait Greiza was one of the Al bu said houses built probably in the early 19th century (like the palace) and took its name from its proximity to the old Portuguese "cathedral" . The house was demolished and rebuilt in the 1970´s.
  5. The entrance of the khawr with many small boats in front
  6. Al Mirani fort on top of the hill

The modern palace of Sultan Qaboos in Muscat is located more or less  on the spot of the old palace.

  1. Muscat gate museum memoirs of History, Allegro communications, Muscat 2001 page 40 bottom left (similar view)