Zanzibar Omani Party around 1910
Coloured photo  postcard of an Arab party on Zanzibar  including two primitive wooden carousels.  

Arab party in Zanzibar

zanzibar arab fair klein


Colored German postcard by an unknown photographer of an Arab party in Zanzibar around 1910. The photo shows two primitive wooden carousels, the flag is probably the red Omani flag. 


Antique postcard zanzibar

The postcard has been produced in Germany with the title " Ein fest der eingeborenen"  Meaning a party of the locals. The postcard was published by 48 C.A.W. Grun Hambg-Ohlsdorf.

A very strange coincidence is that, years later,  in 1924 Emily Ruete was buried in the cemetery of Ohlsdorf, close to Hamburg.  


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