1907 Memoirs of an Arabian princess (first illustrated edition) by Emily Ruete




Author: Emily Ruete ( Sayyida Salme / Bibi Salme) 1844-1924 Pictorial cloth binding. 227 pages. 16 by 23 cm. Top edge gilt.Translated by Lionel Strachey (1864-1927) New York Doubleday, Page & Company 1907. This book is not rare. This is the first illustrated edition of the Memoirs.


Memoirs of an Arabian Princess 1907

   First illustrated English edition of Emily's Memoirs of an Arabian Princess, revised text 

The beginning of the book states: The work of which a translation is here offered originally came out as "Memoiren einer Arabischen Prinzessin" Published by a Berlin firm in 1886, it was immediately  followed by an English edition, which seems to have attracted little interest, both the German and the English versions soon falling into obscurity and going out of print.

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